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Central London Escorts bids you Welcome

Central London Escorts has been proudly serving this great city of ours for some time and our continued success is down to one thing more than any other – our fun loving, sexy escorts. Use the slider tab to read more about the effervescent beauties who make up our visiting escorts, girls that we believe are beyond compare when it comes to really caring and enjoying what they do and going the extra mile to ensure that a client is totally satisfied. The other elements that contribute to our popular escort service include the easy to navigate web site, the surprisingly low cost of booking a ravishingly beautiful young woman for an intimate dating experience, the prompt and professional service and our honest approach to the business e.g. you will never see an airbrushed photograph of an escort and the girl you book is the girl who will arrive for your date. So, book without suffering any concerns or anxiety by calling Central London Escorts before making the mistake of trying some other escort agency without our customer service based approach and of course our superlative escorts.

If you have never booked to spend time with an escort before don't worry, there's nothing to it. Simply call Central London escorts on the number featured on this page and we will soon have you in touch with your ideal woman. And remember with us your date can be with you in no time at all – usually within thirty minutes in fact! The visit to your home or hotel will be handled with total discretion and you can be assured that we take privacy seriously. So, to book an escort in London with confidence call Central London Escorts right away, you can't go wrong with the best!

Alluring Beauties

Back in the sixties the bunny girls were chosen for their obvious physical allure but also for their style and grace, with and intelligence. It is too easy to stereotype a woman because she is young and beautiful, dismissing her ideas simply because she uttered the words through such sexy pouting lips. Well the same applies today and especially so when it comes to some of the fabulous girls at Central London escorts. We have escorts and models fluent in several languages, university graduates, students and the like. Many of the scintillating girls are more than able to hold an intelligent conversation and indeed we have many clients who truly appreciate an interesting debate or some flirtatious banter. That’s not to say that we at Central London escorts do not appreciate the power of beauty to mesmerise and persuade, and a simple glance at any of the sizzling photographs on this site will disavow any idea that we are all talk and no action! So, if you would prefer your date to be someone who talks as good as they look just tell us and we will do our best to make it so!

Great Service

The most successful companies have one thing in common, they all believe in giving great service to their customers. The thing about great service is that it breeds loyalty and trust and the repeat custom forms part of the virtuous circle where the customer is happy and a business continues to do what it does best. Here at Central London escorts we realise there is a responsibility to our valued clients to ensure that we provide the essentials – a simple to use website, a quick and easy booking system, a prompt arrival by your red hot escort and of course a value for money service with fees agreed up front and no hidden extras. And further to this we want to guarantee two really important things for our clients: (i) that our digital photography showing the escorts is genuine and has not been subjected to any image enhancing processes, and (ii) that the delightful, charming sweetheart that you see on the site is the same girl who will buzz your doorbell or knock on your hotel room door. Does every escort agency guarantee so much?

For new clients: it really is quick and easy to book a vivacious vixen, just make one call to the number on this page and you can be in dating heaven within the hour! For existing clients: we hope you will continue to use our escort service and if you have any suggestions as to how we could improve things please let us know.

Less than you think...

Everyone likes to feel that they are getting good value and it is no different when it comes to booking a visiting escort. If good value is what you are looking for then you have definitely come to the right place because an hour with a vivacious, busty escort babe can be enjoyed for considerably less than one may imagine – in fact for under a hundred and thirty pounds usually with Central London Escorts. Whilst clients may find it helpful were we to publish a categorical list of pricing that would go against reality where it is in fact the escorts and not us here at Central London escorts that sets the fees.

When you contact Central London escorts to make a booking you will soon be able to agree a fee with the girl you have chosen - and do not worry about any hidden charges because there are none! If you would rather spend more time with your companion then please discuss in advance as you will find that there are discounts available for dates which last longer. And let’s face it, an hour with a ravishingly beautiful and sexy young woman is never going to be enough!

Around and About

Whilst we are first and foremost an escort agency we thought it would be helpful to our clients if we were to use our local knowledge to suggest the best places to eat and drink in each part of town. If you click on one of the town links at the bottom of this page you will be taken to a description of the place, possibly including some historical information that tourists will find interesting, including the names of great pubs, eateries, night clubs and more. Obviously on a site like this we cannot do justice to the rich and varied cultural and entertainment options that one has in the capital but we have tried to pick out some hidden gems along with some of the more popular venues. Oh and we have tried to point out ‘real London pubs’ where we knew of them.

If you have your ear to the ground and know of a great place or a hip and happening event or two then drop us a line and we will include them where relevant and useful.


You will no doubt have perused the many pretty faces (and ever so nubile bodies!) in the escort gallery and you may even have clicked on a link to a particular girl along the way. You will no doubt have noted the additional red hot photographs, the biographical details and the scrolling text to the left of the computer screen. The text is as submitted by clients of Central London Escorts and represents a review of each dating experience. We are more than proud of the track record of success at this agency and we can see why we are a popular escort agency in the city – the girls do such a great job! So many happy clients showing so much appreciation for their escort beauties. The escorts love a positive review so if you are a recent client or if you are about to enjoy your first date with a hot Central London escort then why not write a review of your date?

Or if you have a comment or suggestion about our service why not give us some feedback?

Illicit Liaisons

How many closet authors are there in the world? The weird and wacky lot here in the web team all like to try their hand at a raunchy tale or two and occasionally even the escorts themselves will put pen to paper! Our ‘Illicit Liaisons’ series of stories is a sexy and satirical look at a fictitious, fantasy world depiction of the private life of an escort as she gets up to all sorts of sexy shenanigans with all sorts of sexy people! We know it’s not Shakespeare but we enjoy them all the same, what's not to like about some saucy story fun and so we will do our best to keep publishing the instalments. Come to think of it we occasionally struggle for a plot line – any ideas please wing them over! For enjoyment of course – we don’t pay! We hope you continue to get a kick out of the stories, Illicit Liaisons, only from Central London escorts.



Illicit liaisons

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  • 9th November 2014

  • The idea of spending an evening alone in a grim and characterless hotel room is anathema to me yet a colleague of mine is prepared to endure just that because he does not have the confidence to book a beautiful, young and sweet girl to keep him company. I have tried to explain to him just how wonderful an escort experience is but no matter how much I extol the many virtues of these hot, stunning and nubile girls he just cannot pluck up the courage to call. Does he not understand just how friendly and approachable the lovely ladies...

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  • 19th October 2014

  • In Hamlet Shakespeare proclaimed ‘what a piece of work is man’ but he should instead have written about the beauty of the female form. Instead of thinking about reason and divinity he could have spent his time waxing lyrical about the nubile and stunning women who adorn the pages of the escort gallery here at Central London Escorts and over at North London Escorts . Only a man of Shakespeare’s genius could do justice to these sensual and loving creatures. To be with a Central London Escort is to experience the ultimate in pleasure.  Now how would the great man...

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  • Impossible not to succumb to her charms

  • 28th September 2014

  • As yet another of the celebrities who appear on Strictly’s marriage comes to an end we have to ask if the BBC are right to continue to broadcast this unmitigated sex fest? It’s like a dating show with skin tight costumes, lots of make-up and high heels – and that’s just the men. Rugby player Ben Cohen is the latest performer allegedly to have fallen for a professional dance partner. If I’m honest I can hardly say I blame him given just how gorgeous and sexy Kristina Rihanoff is in the flesh. Let’s face it, if any lusty man is...

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